Stop Tolerating Back Pain in Olympia WA

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Back pain can make it difficult to enjoy anything else in your life. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, going for a walk, or trying to get to sleep at night, when your back hurts it’s difficult to ignore it and do anything else.

Despite how back pain in Olympia WA can affect your quality of life, we often expect ourselves to simply deal with it and hope it goes away. This is a mindset people can carry with them through long term chronic pain. There’s no need to suffer when there are solutions for your problem. Chiropractors are experts at finding the source of your problem, helping you fix it, and giving you long term solutions.

Let’s clear up any misunderstandings about back health and get clear on common causes of back pain and how Evergreen Family Chiropractic can help patients live healthier lives.

Back Pain in Olympia WA

While only a professional chiropractor can diagnose your issue, it can be helpful to have a deeper understanding of the large portion of the body that comprises your back, and the many common ways these areas can cause acute or chronic pain issues.

We often consider the mind and body to be separate things. However, when we feel emotionally stressed, our body releases stress hormones. Our muscles are frequently tensed and often spasm while we’re experiencing stress. This can lead to a number of health issues, including hypertension and chronic back pain.

The tension in our bodies will accumulate at different points for every person. These points can be mapped out and then referred to as “trigger points”. These trigger points can become very painful. As the stress worsens, so will the feeling in these trigger points.

While relieving stress in your life can be helpful, a chiropractor may be needed to help your body get back on track. They are trained in knowing how to relieve stress from your trigger points and to help your body find balance again so you can move forward without this health problem.

Herniations and Disc Bulges

There are discs between your vertebrae. Sometimes, these discs can become damaged. When this happens, the damaged disc can cause damage to the surrounding area. Sometimes, this can be happening without causing any pain or issue. However, it is common for these damaged discs to irritate a surrounding nerve. This can cause a large range of pain problems. Sometimes this will cause shooting or stabbing pain directly in your back. It can also travel and even cause weakness in your legs if the situation is severe.

A chiropractor will first work to identify the extent of the problem. Their priority will be on preventing further damage to avoid worsening the pain, and then they will create a treatment plan to lessen the associated back pain.

Sprains and Strains

Chiropractors often meet patients with muscular sprains and ligament or tendon strains. This often happens when our bodies experience something it’s not accustomed to. This may be an extreme workout situation or an accident. When a body is pushed past its normal limits, the results are often seen in sprains, strains, bruises, and swelling.

This is a situation where a chiropractor can correct the alignment of your spine and get your body back on track.


This is a big word, with an easy to understand the meaning. Your vertebral column supports your body and protects your spine. Sometimes, parts of this column can come out of alignment. When your vertebral column is no longer in its proper place, you can experience mild or severe pain depending on the location and severity of the displacement. It may be difficult to move your body the way you are used to when you have a misalignment.

Fortunately, chiropractors are experts at recognizing this issue and making adjustments to correct the issue and end this common source of back pain.

Other Common Issues That Lead to Back Pain

There are many other common problems that can be the source of back pain. Chiropractors have been trained to recognize these conditions as well, including situations like urinary tract infections, obesity, and kidney stones. It’s important a medical professional recognizes these problems and provides a treatment plan, both to end the pain associated with them and to prevent future problems associated with them. Many of these other types of problems can also be associated with misalignment issues that a chiropractor can help solve.

Ending Back Pain For Good with Chiropractic Care

Whether you have a chronic back issue or acute pain that’s new to your life, your Olympia Chiropractor will work to find the source of your medical issue and create a treatment plan that works for you. Don’t let back pain go on affecting your life when Evergreen Family Chiropractic can help you find solutions.

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