Capitol Campus in Olympia WA

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Washing State Capitol Building in Olympia WA

Also known as the Legislative Building, this building is where you'll find the State of Washington's legislature. This is where the magic happens on the state level. Guided tours are available as well as the ability to explore the building on your own. However, rules may be different during the outbreak of Covid-19 that is currently affecting the state. In this building, you may run into the state's governor or any of the elected officials.

Its dome is the tallest self-supporting masonry dome in the United States at 287 ft which also makes it the fifth tallest in the world. There are 42 steps leading up the building's front entrance as a symbol of the State of Washington becoming the 42nd state to be added to the Union.

Temple of Justice

Facing the Legislative Building, this is where you'll find the state Supreme Court as well as the state law library. Until 1924, this is also where you would find the laboratory for the Division of Highways. Which later became the Department of Transportation.

The Governor's Mansion

Located immediately west of the Legislative Building, this was the first building of the Capitol Campus in 1908 and was intended only to be temporary. Discussions were held to decide how to replace it but eventually, the legislature decided to renovate and preserve it in 1973. Since then, it has been maintained by a private, non-profit Governor's Foundation. As the White House to the president of the USA, the Governor's Mansion is the official residence of whoever is elected as the governor of Washington.

Art and Monuments on Capitol Campus

Along with official government buildings on Capitol Campus, there are 18 major monuments and works of art.

Commemorating World War I, the "Winged Victory" is the most prominent monument. Dedicated on May30, 1938, it was sculpted by Alonzo Victor Lewis. It is made out of bronze and sits on a granite pedestal which has four inscriptions.

Architects Wohleb, Wohleb, and Bennett designed the Tivoli Fountain Replica. It was presented to the State of Washington by the Olympia-Tumwater Foundation. On it you'll find the inscription, "Replica of the Tivoli Fountain-Tivoli Park, Copenhagen, Denmark."

Walking around Capitol Campus, you'll come across the different memorials that pay tribute to those who served in World War II, the Korean, the Vietnam War, Medal of Honor recipients, POW-MIA, and to the brave men and women who serve in law enforcement.

Keep your eyes open for various works of art such as: Du Pen Fountain. Arc of Statehood, The Shaman, Boiler Works, Mysteries of Life, an untitled sculpture by Lee Kelly (1973), Sea to Sky, Territorial Sundial, Woman Dancing, and the Water Garden.

A colossal portrait by Avard Fairbanks of General George Washington, can be found in the reception room.