Chiropractic Care & Kids in Olympia WA

Chiropractic Care & Kids in Olympia WA

Chiropractic Olympia WA Care for Kids

At our chiropractic clinic in Olympia WA, we have parents come in all the time and ask if its appropriate to bring their kids in for an adjustment.  Our answer is always "ABSOLUTELY!" Then we get the inevitable question of "how would my kid benefit?" So, let's talk about that now.

Chiropractic Care for Kids of All Ages in Olympia WA


Let's start from the beginning. At the very moment we are born our body is squeezed and pressed and stressed even to the point that our skull is misshapen into a cone shape. Sometimes instruments are needed in order to aid in the delivery including "tongs" to grip the infant and pull. Infants are pretty resilient, but it is still a rough ordeal on their little developing body. Being seen by a trained chiropractor and help the infants body transition from the fetal position that it has been stuck in for 9 months, to a stretched out active posture. It's important that the skull forms correctly into the rounded shape. It's important that the spine begin to form the proper curvature. It's also important to make sure the newborn's muscles are active and able to perform their function.


This is a very fun age for the little one. The whole world is opening up and there's a lot of exploring to do. Unfortunately, a toddler is still learning coordination and getting a hard lesson in the law of gravity. Chiropractic is important for making sure that joints are moving freely and correctly. A chiropractor can also adjust the spine to make sure the brain and body communicate new information correctly. This is vital for the toddler to learn balance and coordination.


During these years little bodies begin to grow into big bodies. This happens very rapidly and kind of uneven. At the same time, kids are also becoming more active. Whether it be going outside and playing on the jungle gym or being more involved in sports, bumps, bruises and injuries are just a clumsy slip away. Luckily at Evergreen Family Chiropractic we can help speed up the recovery process and get the little one out in the field again. Regular chiropractic care in these years can really help to build a resistance to injury by insuring proper movement and function.

At any age chiropractic can be very effective at reducing stress levels by getting muscles to relax and reducing any aches or pains associated with growing up. Reduced stress leads to an improved immune system as well as better performance in emotional, social, and academic environments.

To answer the above question, kids can greatly benefit form chiropractic care in all aspects and stages of their life. So, make an appointment and let Evergreen Family Chiropractic be a part of your child's development.

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