Cold Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT): The Future of Healing in Olympia WA

Cold Low-Level Laser Therapy in Olympia WA: The Future of Healing

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It used to be that only in a sci-fi movie could you see an operating room full of futuristic tools like lasers and giant mechanical arms. There might even be a few wise-cracking robots thrown in for good measure.

But here in the present, we're already starting to incorporate lasers into our healing practices. Some are used for correcting vision, others can be used for everything from heart surgery to cancer treatment.

While these high-powered lasers in Olympia WA have a wide range of applications, the lesser-known low-level laser therapy can be just as beneficial depending on your condition.

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy in Olympia WA?

With its benefits being discovered just 50 years ago, low-level laser therapy (or LLLT for short) is a pretty cutting-edge technology in the world of medicine and healing.

Like the high-powered laser therapy mentioned above, low-level laser therapy uses a concentrated beam of light to act directly on your body's cells. Most lasers, however, use light with a higher frequency (and more energy). A low-level laser on the other hand uses light that's on the opposite end of the spectrum (with less energy).

So, while high-powered lasers might help destroy cells or cut through tissue, low-level lasers provide just the right amount of energy for your cells to encourage growth and healing. This process is known as "biostimulation".

What Can It Be Used For?

The benefits of low-level laser therapy can be seen across a variety of disorders including:

  • eczema
  • fibromyalgia
  • migraines
  • colic
  • gout
  • and psoriasis, just to name a few.

There are many, many more too!

Since this type of therapy stimulates your body's cells to heal themselves, the applications of LLLT even extend to problems like ADHD, chronic fatigue, and post-traumatic stress.

It's also been shown to be effective in promoting faster recovery from surgery and quicker wound healing in general.

Are There Any Side Effects?

What's one of the best things about LLLT? Treatment is quick and painless. Whereas high-powered lasers might produce a warming sensation, low-level laser therapy is so gentle that besides the possibility of a slight tingling sensation, you won't even know it's happening.

Part of the reason for this is that these lasers don't damage the cells they interact with like other laser therapies. As such, recovery might consist of a small amount of soreness but that's about it!

LLLT is a safe, painless, and comparatively cheap therapy that, in the hands of a qualified therapist, can do wonders for your health.

If you're suffering from chronic or acute body pain, strains, sprains, headaches, shingles, or any other type of trauma, you might be a perfect candidate for the healing power of cold low-level laser therapy. Call Evergreen Family Chiropractic today at (360) 943-7360 to set up a consultation, or visit our website to learn more. Improve your life by improving your health.

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