Headaches And Natural Solutions in Olympia WA

Headaches And Natural Solutions in Olympia WA

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The most important things I tell patients are, "Headaches are not supposed to be normal." and "I can help you!" Headaches can really put a damper on your activity and can become very difficult to live with. Thankfully, they are usually very treatable. At our chiropractic clinic in Olympia WA, we have had great success at decreasing the frequency and severity of symptoms. There are many types of headaches but lets talk about 3 of the most common types: tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches (originating in the neck), and migraines.


Let's first talk about tension headaches. These are usually caused by emotional or mental stress and are sometimes associated with poor sleep. The pain is usually felt in a band across the forehead and maybe up into the scalp. Here facial muscles tense up and begin to ache.


"Cervico-" refers to the neck and "-genic" means originates. These headaches start from structures in the neck, like the muscles or the small joints within the spine. Cervicogenic headaches are usually caused by tense muscles in the neck, poor posture, excessive movement of the head, or poor support for the head while sleeping. They can also be caused by any type of injury to the neck. The pain is usually felt right where the skull sits on the top of the neck on either side (or both) and then can radiate up or down.


It is very common for people to confuse a tension headache, or a cervicogenic headache, for a migraine. Migraines tend to be a chronic issue, meaning they happen frequently and have been an issue for a long period of time. They are caused by a disruption or abnormal blood flow in the brain. The exact cause is unknown but there are many things that are thought to be "triggers" of a migraine. These include certain foods, different smells, stress, or activity. The pain from a migraine headache is usually felt along the whole half of the head. Typically, they are felt on the same side of the head each time.

If you are suffering from any kind of headache, please make an appointment at Evergreen Family Chiropractic in Olympia WA. We look forward to the opportunity to help you return to a pain free life.

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