Lessons in Olympia WA

Lessons in Olympia WA

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We all have the opportunity to learn lessons in Olympia WA both big and small everyday. I think each of us has a purpose in this life and the key one is to learn lessons both big and small. The more we learn the richer our lives become at least that is the hope. Sometimes the BIG ones are absolutely stunning; we freeze in our tracks because of the enormity of it all. I also believe that each of us can learn from the lessons of others.

How Chiropractic Care can Help in Olympia WA

This week was hard, one practice member was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer metastasized from the colon when for the last 9 months doctors were treating her for breast cancer (early stage) they never looked at even the possibility of her having another cancer… I keep wondering what those 9 months would have meant to the liver/colon cancer???

What would I do? What is the lesson?

Another practice member spent 7 days in Harbor View Hospital with a prescription drug reaction… She went back to the doctor with a rash… the doctor didn't know it was a known side effect of the drug she prescribed…the lesson here is easier to figure out…Do your own homework on any medication and/or treatment… trust yourself the most…

Another Practice Member had her husband of 25 years of which she thought was a wonderful, happy marriage and family leave, he left a note… the hurt, the anguish, the lesson??? Time will tell…

We get to choose to learn or not… however, my observation is the lessons come by again and again and get bigger if we choose not to learn…

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