New Solutions To Chronic Low Back Pain in Olympia WA

New Solutions To Chronic Low Back Pain in Olympia WA

Chiropractic Olympia WA Back Pain Exam

Low back pain is a common reason to visit the emergency room in America. Here's how it works,….. you are in debilitating pain; you go see your medical doctor and he gives you painkillers to get through the day or the week. The pain worsens and all of a sudden you can't move you can't walk you can't do anything…… your only option is to have someone drive you to the emergency room to sit there for four hours before a nurse is able to talk to you.

You're hoping that they have some miracle machine, some magic pill that will completely get you out of pain. That is usually not the case, you will get a lumbar MRI to look at the disc and probably get shots into the back to get through the next hour and then you will be sent home with slightly less pain but the underlying issue will not be any better. Welcome to America.

The goal in treating low back pain in Olympia WA is to treat the underlying cause of the pain. Underlying causes can vary from disc compression/bulge to nerve root irritation, a condition called radiculopathy.

Common causes of lower back pain in Olympia WA:

  • Disc Compression:
    Each vertebrae is separated by jelly like soft tissue structures called discs. Overtime through wear and tear and arthritis these disc spaces can dehydrate and lose their natural cushion and put pressure on the nerve roots exiting the spine
  • Facet Syndrome:
    This is a condition characterized by inflammation inside the joint spaces that connect the vertebrae together
    A common cause of this condition is a poor diet due to inflammatory foods such as dairy, sugar and gluten
  • Lumbar Sprain Strain
    injuries to the muscle fibers and ligaments surrounding the lower back can become damaged by repetitive stress from prolong sitting are in proper lifting technique
  • Radiculopathy
    this is a condition characterized by irritation of the nerve fibers exiting the spine

Natural solutions to chronic low back pain

The best approach to chronic low back pain in Olympia WA is by a combination approach. At our facility, Evergreen Family Chiropractic we utilize a combination of acupuncture, massage and chiropractic help expedite the healing process and get the patient back to their activities of daily living

How do natural health care services work?

  • Chiropractic:
    Chiropractor utilize light forces to mobilize fixated joints and improve joint mobility and decrease inflammation
  • Acupuncture:
    The quickest way to heal damage structures is by increasing the circulation to that structure. Acupuncture increases the healing to damage tissues
  • Massage:
    If you are dealing with chronic low back pain, most likely your muscles are in spasm or guarded due to your current condition. One of the most effective ways to calm muscles down, is to increase flexibility and decrease inflammation through massage therapy.

So the next time you have chronic low back pain or leg pain and it is affecting your life, ask yourself how can I go to the root cause and address the issue

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