Pain Management in Olympia WA

Pain Management in Olympia WA

Chiropractic Olympia WA Neck Pain

Dealing with pain whether for a short period of a long time, it can be very exhausting. It can even become depressing, causing feelings of hopelessness. Unfortunately, many people feel like all they can do is just toughen up and suffer through it. Thankfully more often than not, that's not the case. At our clinic in Olympia WA, we have many techniques to help manage your pain naturally.

What causes pain in Olympia WA?

Pain can be caused by a huge variety of things and can present in many ways. Most commonly, pain is caused by muscle tension. When a muscle contracts hard enough and for a long time like when you are stressed, it begins to ache as it becomes tired. Have you ever had a headache that starts in your neck and you notice your neck muscles are super tight? Tight muscles also pull on bones and joints causing them to become inflamed which triggers pain. Muscles can also put tension on the nerves that pass by it causing pain in the area that that nerve goes to.

Pain can also be cause by the joints in your body being out of alignment. Your body is a complex machine. It relies on hundreds of little and big joints to line up properly in order to move and even just to sit upright. If one joint is out of alignment, then the rest of the joints have to pick up the slack. This extra strain will cause them to become inflamed and even wear down faster. Think of it like the wheels on your car. If they are not balanced or have been knocked out of alignment, then the axle and the rest of the drivetrain gets all messed up and you will feel your vehicle vibrating or pulling towards a direction.


Even if you have been in pain for a very long time, there are a lot of options. To solve the physical issues with your body, a natural approach should always be your first choice. Many people quickly choose surgery. Yes, surgery can help but often times cause more issues immediately and later on down the road. Seeing a chiropractor for natural remedies can help restore function and help prevent future issues.


The first thing a chiropractor will do is try and solve the underlaying cause of your pain. As mentioned before, there are many things that cause pain and often times it is not as direct as one would think. Once the chiropractor has evaluated your needs a treatment plan will be established that includes adjustments to the joints of the spine and body, massage, and stretching of tight muscles. Other therapies may include using spinal decompression techniques and/or using laser therapy to take the pressure off of the spine and help muscle relax as you heal.

Make an appointment at Evergreen Family Chiropractic and let us help you mange your pain and get you back to a functional and happy life.

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