Treatment Options For Upper Back Pain in Olympia WA

Treatment Options For Upper Back Pain in Olympia WA

Chiropractic Olympia WA Spine Pain

Upper back is the most rigid and the strongest part of the back and is the least susceptible to injury. Yet, this is very frequent to hurt and this physical feeling of pain is called upper back pain (UBP) in Olympia WA.

There are a variety of reasons for UBP in Olympia WA:

  • Poor Posture: Regular improper posture can deform and/ or weaken the muscles, ligaments and tendons causing the spinal alignment to change.
  • Improper form when lifting: Lifting too heavy objects, decentered or in a wrong form causes spinal misalignment.
  • Overuse: The repeated motions and daily wear and tear causes the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilages of the upper back to wear down and rub and pressure the nerve.
  • Accidents or sports: In accidents and/or contact sports, the upper back receives brunt force and can be damaged or deformed.
  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis affects nerves and bones.
  • Thoracic herniated disc: The herniating of the disc causes pressure on the spinal nerve.
  • Other health conditions like: Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, spinal deformities, etc.

IT is important to get these issues treated in order to prevent further damage. While OTC pain meds reduce and numb the pain, they don't treat the root cause. Surgeries treat the root cause but aren't suitable for people of all ages, all health conditions and some issues mentioned above aren't serious enough to warrant a surgery.

Surgeries and other medications are required for the issues which can only be treated by these methods but for those that don't need them, massage therapy is a great alternative.

Massage therapy is a much less expensive, non-invasive, painless, effective, beneficial solution for UBP. They are also very relaxing so you feel rejuvenated as if you've been to a spa while getting treated.

Massage focuses on the muscles around the upper back and incorporates different techniques depending on your cause and severity. They can incorporate:

  • Acupressure: Acupressure is a technique performed on trigger points and muscular knots using the fingertips or thumbs, the pressure makes the muscular knots break down and soften and the breakdown of muscular knots results in a decrease in pain.
  • Skin rolling: Skin rolling involves picking up and rolling the skin between the fingers and thumbs. Skin rolling helps loosen tight muscles and fascia( the thin layer of connective tissues located beneath the skin) increasing elasticity and flexibility of the muscles.
  • Frictions: massage using the fingertips or thumbs and applying a specific pressure across muscle fibres in order to help increase blood flow around the body by increasing the temperature of the muscles. Frictions help soften and break down collagen fibres buildup in muscles that can causes the muscle to become restrictive
  • Myofascial release: Slow moving hands are used with gentle pressure on the upper back, spreading out the fascia. It relaxes and loosens tight muscles as the temperature of soft tissues increases and improves tissue elasticity and flexibility and it improves the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation.
  • Effleurage: Uses flat hands and fingers with pressure ranging from light to firm on the upper back. This technique increases the temperature of muscles, and thus, elasticity. Increasing muscle elasticity reduces muscle tightness and stress and therefore reduces pain.

Massage therapy has the body relaxing, healing and strengthening on its own by aiding the bodily processes, this ensures that the body can handle itself for a lot longer and doesn't hurt again easily and, if it does hurt, heals quicker.

Make an appointment with your nearest licensed Olympia WA massage therapist and give your upper back a new life.

Happy healing!

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