Chiropractic and Low Back Pain in Olympia WA

Chiropractic and Low Back Pain in Olympia WA

Chiropractic Olympia WA Back Pain Exam

On a normal day, many Americans spend an average of approximately 6 ½ hours in the sitting position while working in Olympia WA. For school aged children, they spend approximately 8 hours in a sitting position completing their digital learning assignments. After one week the average american spends at minimum 33-50 hours a week in the seated position.

Low Back Pain in Olympia WA

After a long day's work, it is common to have a seat to "take a load off", but that is not the case when it comes to the action of sitting. The ideal position for our spine is in the standing or lying position because this places the least amount of pressure on the spine. Whenever we get into a seated position, we add 50% more pressure to our spine due to the added curvature when seated. For many people good posture is not at the forefront of their mind whenever sitting down in a chair. Whenever this individual sits in the seated position with bad posture, there is as much as 300% increased pressure that can be added to the spine.

This amount of added pressure can be a direct cause of chronic low back pain. Low back pain is a common ailment in today's society. Low back pain may be common, but this is not a normal occurrence in a healthy spine. Many individuals spend years dealing with the ups and downs of low back pain. This process commonly includes the regular usage or pain killers, cortisone shots, extended periods of time lying in the bed and in some cases minor surgery. Many times after doing those things the back pain still remains.

Our spines are designed to move freely and protect our nervous systems. Whenever there is added pressure on the spine, this can cause dysfunction within the spine, which in turn can cause direct effects on our nervous system. This dysfunction within the spine is commonly the cause of a variation of low back pain. With the changes in posture and added pressure, the spine can have specific areas that begin to degenerate and lead to the direct causes of the dysfunction within the spine.

Many individuals are unaware that this dysfunction within the spine can be managed through chiropractic. An Olympia WA chiropractor is able to find those areas of dysfunction and give a specific adjusting force to the area to begin to restore normal motion within that joint. As these joints become more functional, there will be communication taking place within the nervous system. The more connection between the brain and the body the better the body can heal.

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