Reasons to Get Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident in Olympia WA

Reasons to Get Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident in Olympia WA

Chiropractic Olympia WA Auto Injury

After getting into a car accident, things happen really fast and are very confusing. You might go to the ER where they will just tell you to take a muscle relaxer and get some rest. They even may warn you "you're going to be sore in the morning." Your care should not end there. There are so many things happening inside your body at this time and it's important to get them all straightened out. At our clinic in Olympia WA we can help you do that by providing critical care you need for a quick recovery. You may feel like you are fine and don't really need any help. Here are some reasons it's important to see a chiropractor after your accident.

Hidden Injuries in Olympia WA

It may seem like your accident wasn't that bad, but studies have shown that even a "minor accident" at 2 mph can cause hidden injury to the soft tissues of the neck and spine. These injuries cause inflammation in the area leading to pain and stiffness. These injuries also affect how the joints in your spine function which limits your movement. If the ligaments in the spine are injured and you have whiplash, this could make the joints of the spine unstable (To be clear, I'm not saying your head will fall off). This instability will make recovery longer and more difficult.

Prove Your Injuries

After your accident you will quickly be contacted by an insurance company and they will try and get things over as quickly and cheaply as possible for their sake. They will offer a very low sum of money to settle everything. This offer usually doesn't even cover your medical needs. When you come to Evergreen Family Chiropractic we can help you document your injuries so that you can show your insurance company the importance of care and get the compensation your need and deserve. On a related side note, at Evergreen Family Chiropractic we have a great relationship with excellent lawyers that can prevent you from getting taken advantage of by the insurance companies.

Avoid unnecessary drugs or surgery

After an accident, most people are prescribed some kind of pain killer or muscle relaxer and sent on their way. At Evergreen Family Chiropractic we have a saying, "Drugs are like putting a sticker over the check engine light." Sometimes it's ok to cover up the check engine light if you are on your way to the mechanic. Chiropractors are the mechanics. At Evergreen Family Chiropractic we will help you resolve your pain and recover from your injuries naturally and effectively without the harmful side effects of drugs.
At Evergreen Family Chiropractic we understand the frustrations that go along with car accidents. We know what to do to help you get through all of this and help you return to being you again.

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