Chiropractic X-Rays in Olympia WA

Chiropractic X-Rays in Olympia WA

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At our clinic in Olympia WA we perform a thorough examination to help determine what's the root of your discomfort. The examination often times includes taking x-rays. Many people are nervous about x-rays because they have been told their whole life that radiation is bad and can harm you. I won't lie, there is a very small risk when taking x-rays, but that risk is less than the danger of radiation exposure when flying in an airplane. But rest assured that all proper safety measures are taken, and x-rays are never used on pregnant woman nor young children at Evergreen Family Chiropractic. So, why are x-rays needed? Great question, let's talk about that!

What is an x-ray in Olympia WA?

X-rays are particles with a lot of energy. They can easily pass through objects like clothing and your skin. X-rays struggle to pass through more dense things like your bones. A special film, very similar to old school camera film, is placed behind the patient. The film collects the x-rays that were able to pass through the body. The film is developed and what ever part was exposed to x-rays becomes dark. This creates a "clear" image of your bones since they blocked the x-rays from hitting the film.

Why take x-rays?

The first thing a chiropractor looks for on an x-ray is any sign of a medical condition like tumors, diseases, or fractures. Tumors and diseases are extremely rare to find but it's important to rule them out anyway just to be on the safe side. Fractures are often found if there has been an injury.
After these very rare conditions are ruled out, your chiropractor will then evaluate the anatomy of your spine. Your chiropractor will measure the curvature of your spine to assess whether it has too much or too little and if it is curved in the correct direction. For example, at Evergreen Family Chiropractic we are beginning to see an alarming number of people who have what's called a "reverse curve" of their neck. This means that the neck bends forward instead of backwards. The joints in the spine are designed to function with the correct curve and will wear down faster and cause discomfort if the curve is incorrect.

Another thing that a chiropractor will analyze on an x-ray is the height of the discs that sit between vertebrae. This can give a lot of information about the amount of degeneration that has occurred. As we age of experience injuries, the fluid filled discs in our spine become worn down. This puts a strain on the bones that they are supposed to protect. The bones start to form little bone spurs which interfere with the proper function of that joint. In extreme cases the vertebrae can begin to fuse together which makes the joint venerable and the chiropractor should use best judgement on adjusting the region.

At Evergreen Family Chiropractic, we use x-rays responsibly and safely as a very powerful tool to help us manage your care and help speed up your return to a pain free life.

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