New Solutions To Leg Pain And Low Back Pain in Olympia WA

New Solutions To Leg Pain And Low Back Pain
in Olympia WA

Chiropractic Olympia WA Back Pain

Radiculopathy in Olympia WA refers to the symptoms and pain produced due to the pinching of some nerve in the spine at different areas, cervical, thoracic or lumbar.

Radiculopathy can be tingling, pins and needles sensations, burning, or radiating pain. There might even be numbness and loss of sensation and/ or reflexes in the affected areas.

This can occur due to a variety of reasons which put pressure on or damage the spinal nerve, such as:

  • Age: With age, the bones become, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilages, etc wear down and tear, putting pressure on the nerves.
  • Obesity: The extra and/ or uneven weight distribution causes the spine to work overtime for maintaining stability, the overworking spine puts more pressure on the vertebrae, which compress into themselves and lead to nerve pinching.
  • Arthritis: The arthritis types which affect the bones and joints can lead to pressure and the pinching of the nerve.
  • Cancer: Tumors make the body weak and damage muscles which allow the spine to not have proper support and press on the nerve. But, tumors close to the nerves can press on them and lead to radiculopathy.
  • Diabetes: The disease affects nerves and damages them.
  • Traumatic injury: when brunt force is applied to the spine, it can cause the nerves to get affected, the bones might break and toggle between nerves and press on them, etc.
  • Herniated or slipped disc: The disc in this condition presses on the same nerves it was supposed to cushion and provide mobility for and pinches it.
  • Bone spurs: Extra bone growth can poke and pinch the nerves.
  • Degenerative disorders: bone, muscle, or nerve degenerative disorders can lead to radiculopathy and people run a risk of radiculopathy if there is a family history of degenerative disorders.
  • Smoking: Smoking has a lot of negative effects on the body, including nerve and bone damages leading to radiculopathy.
  • Occupations: Jobs that require being seated/ standing for long or lifting heavy things adds pressure on the spine, compressing the vertebrae to add pressure on the nerves.

While certain causes of radiculopathy do need medications and/or surgeries for proper treatment, most of these causes don't.

All the causes can be managed and most of them can be managed.


By using decompression therapy.

Decompression Therapy in Olympia WA

Decompression therapy refers to the gentle stretching of the spine in different angles, pressures, and levels, to help the spine heal itself.

The therapy elongates the spine causing each vertebra to stretch and have negative intradiscal pressure and realign itself back into proper place, while ensuring that there is an influx of oxygen, nutrients, etc.

The benefits of decompression therapy:

  • Immediately effective with long term relief
  • Reduces pain and increases body pain resistance
  • Less time-consuming and less expensive than surgeries or lifelong medications, no need for medications.
  • Suitable for people of all ages and most health conditions.
  • Improves body healing( in all aspects), raises immunity, reduces pain, improves body functioning, mobility, flexibility, increases resistance to future damage.
  • Improves posture

There are many benefits of Decompression therapy for radiculopathy. So check with your physician if you are suitable for decompression therapy and book an appointment with your nearest licensed Olympia WA chiropractic, if you are.

Happy healing!

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